Waikato Scientific Publications’ LabSpec online lab directory and annual print catalogue provide a complete guide for procurement of scientific and medical equipment and services in New Zealand.

The site also provides a range of scientific articles. LabSpec offers a mail-out service to keep industry insiders up to date on developments in the laboratory field.

Use the search bar above to look for products, manufacturers or local distributors. Search results can be easily cross-referenced to identify similar products, locate possible sources, and narrow your choices down to a few suppliers or products prior to making contact.


Manufacturers from around the world supply products for New Zealand laboratories.

Wherever possible, this site provides you with direct links to equipment manufacturers’ websites. This enables simple click-through research and checking of specifications when considering lab supplies and medical equipment purchases.

Rapid development in scientific methodologies and associated tools mean quick access to research information is vital for modern lab teams.

Our aim is to ensure the NZ science community has easy access to quality information about lab supplies and lab equipment manufacturers.

We hope this functionality will help your lab members feel better informed when evaluating equipment purchasing options.

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Modern New Zealand medical and scientific laboratories use more and more equipment made by manufacturers from all over the world.

As development continues and the sophistication of equipment and scientific techniques increases, the importance of reliable backup service and product support from local suppliers and distributors becomes more and more important.

Users of lab equipment and supplies need reassurance that they are buying the best products to meet their needs, that they are well informed, and that they can rely on professional support from their local suppliers and distributors.

LabSpec helps laboratory professionals identify local lab product suppliers that best suit their requirements, making research and contact easy and efficient.

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